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Electric Tramway at Paris

An Improved Overhead System

The Siemens & Halske Electric Railway Conduit

Electric Acidimeter

Loss of the Central Screw Steamer Louvre

Commodore Folger's Gun Boat

The New War Ship Brooklyn

La Guaira and Caracas Railway

Mining Industry in Peru

The Brown Segmental Wire Wound Gun

Isaachsen's Safety Lock

Ernest Renan

Wood Pulp

The Manufacture of Liquors and Preserves

By J. De Brevans

Pratt Institute

William Young's New Oil Gas Plant

The International Congress of Experimental Psychology, Held in London, August, 1892

By Arthur Macdonald

Seedling Sugar Canes

A New Pipette and New Burette for Volumetric Analysis

Bacteriological Chemistry

Determination of Lead

By Ludwig Medicus

The Formation of Aluminum Sulphide

By A. H. Bucherer

Oil of Coprah and Palm Oil

By Ernest Milliau

Extract of Beef and Pepsin

By James T. Shinn

A New Improvement in the Platino Type Process

By P. C. Duchochois

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