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Great Northern Railway Locomotives

Centrifugal Force as Applied to Revolving Machinery

By G. D. Hiscox

Improved Steel Casting Ladle

The Austrian Ram-Cruiser Kaiserin Elisabeth

Large Steam Cylinders and their Liners

Present and Future Developments of Electricity

By W. W. Jacques

The Inventor of the Lightning Rod

By Joseph J. Kral

The Electrical uses of Mica

By Charles W. Jefferson and H. S. Dyer

Improved Electric Forge

Water Electricity

The Manufacture of Liquors and Preserves

By J. De Brevans

Cost of Preparing Caustic and Bleach by the Electrolysis of Salt

What are Lines of Force?

The Mahometan Buckra Ede Festival

Japanese Camphor

The Canary Islands

On Cholera, with Reference to the Recent Epidemic at Hamburg

By Von Pettenkofer

Life Saving Device for Wells

The World's Fair

Rules Governing the Supply of Lighting and Power to Exhibitors in the Department of Electricity

Rules for the Spelling and Pronunciation of Chemical Terms

Adopted by the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1891

Prof. the Rev. Charles Pritchard, D.D

Black Currants

Useful Engineering Books

Diffusion of Gases

By Alexander Johnstone



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    January 28, 1893