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Star Bobbins for Sewing Cotton and Thread

Smokeless Powder and Magazine Rifles

By L. G. Duff Grant

Tests of Wire and Cut Nails

The Manufacture of Liquors and Preserves

By J. De Brevans

A Simple Continuous Polariscope Tube

Skating Rink with Artificial Ice

The Continuous use of Condensing Water

High Railway Speeds in France

1,600 Indicated Horse Power Tandem Mill Engine

Alarm Fastenings

The First Locomotive Whistle

Development of Electric Metal Working

By Frederick P. Royce

Gymnastic Anatomy

On some Recent Discoveries and Problems in the Anatomy and Physiology of the Brain

By James J. Putnam

Galileo Galilei and the Celebration at Padua

The Chimpu

Millions of Cattle Dying in Africa

How to Live where there is Malaria

Our Molten Globe

The Late Eruption of Pantelleria

The Egyptian Method of Transplanting Trees, B. C. 1600

The Prehistoric Races of Italy

By Canon Isaac Taylor

Crystallized Vegetable Proteids

The Carbonic Acid in Air

Specific Gravity

Analysis of Washing Powders

By W. J. Kinney, W. H. Wenger and F. P. D.

Oxidation of Nickel Carbonyl


The Luminosity of Coal Gas Flames

By James Leicester

Useful Engineering Books


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    February 04, 1893

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