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J. J. Heilmann's Electric Railway System

A New Method of preparing Filaments for Incandescent Lamps

The Clamond Microphone

Gas Power for Electric Lighting

Improved File Grinding Machine

Motors for Aerial Machines

The Liverpool Overhead Railway

The Modern Iron Plow

The New Brazilian Cruiser Republica

The Manufacture of Liquors and Preserves

By J. Brevans

Separation of Silver and Lead

By R. Benedict and L. Gaus

A Volatile Series of Metallic Compounds

By C. F. Townsend

The Different Methods of Dyeing Wool

By Max Breiter

The Piano Violoncello

A Chinese System of Gold Mining

By Henry Louis

Denton's Method of Clarifying Sorghum Juice

The Achievements of American Surgery

By Frederic S. Dennis

Improved Brush making Machine

Exploration of the Upper Regions of the Atmosphere

Gigantic Tortoises

The Mont Blanc Observatory

A Large Meteorite from Australia

The Florida Pitcher Plant

By Charles B. Palmer

Floral Utilization of Tree Stumps

Tobacco and Wine Bacteria

History's Misleading Chronology

By Samuel W. Balch

Ormonde, the “Horse of the Century”

Useful Engineering Books

Expansion of Air by Heat



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    February 18, 1893

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism