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The London Hydraulic Power Company

The Jaffa and Jerusalem Railway

Railways of Great Altitude in the Andes

Electricity in Medicine

The Electric Railway in New Zealand

Improved Electric Drill


“Breadth” in Photographs

The Engineering Details of the New York-Chicago Long Distance Telephone Line

By Jos. Wetzler

Cheap Carriages

Silvering Glass Mirrors

Gas vs. Electricity for Illuminating Purposes

The Manufacture of Liquors and Preserves

By J. De Brevans

What Constitutes Good Vulcanized India Rubber?

Church Incense

By J. C. McWalter

The Common Pheasant

Black Rot of the Grape and how to Treat It

Cicuta Maculata, Linne

By Augustus S. Blackman

The Achievements of American Surgury

By Frederic S. Dennis

How Ore is Purchased

Useful Engineering Books


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February 25, 1893

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