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The Monterey

Steel in Rolling Stock

The Gas Engine

A Professional Society which is not a Close Corporation

The New Station of the Philadelphia and Reading Terminal Railroad, Philadelphia, Pa

Horse Power of Steam Boilers

By William Golding

Pittler's Universal Tool

A Large Floating Crane

Liquid Fuel for Steam Making

By F. R. Hutton


The Manufacture of Liquors and Preserves

By J. De Brevans

Utilizing Petroleum Waste

An Illumination in a Hat

Trick with an Egg and a Handkerchief

Progress of the Sorghum Sugar Industry

A Perpetual Mental Calendar

Preliminary Remarks

By Lysander Hill

The American Psychological Association

A School in Persia

Carl Wilhelm Scheele, Pharmacist and Chemist

A Brief Account of His Life and Work

Reminiscences of Penikese

By Helen B. C. Beedy

A New Electric Furnace

By Henri Moissan

Verdi, the Composer

How a Crocodile Seizes an Ox

Restoration of Anchisaurus

By O. C. Marsh

Keeping Late Grapes

The Liquefaction of Air

The Eucalyptus

By W. C. Tyndale

The Claret-Colored Vine

The Importance of “Next-To-Nothing” in Chemistry

By W. H. Pendlebury


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    March 04, 1893

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