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The Bell Telephone Patents

Colored Fires

By E. J. Kennedy

The House of Commons New Signal Light

Formulas for Colored Fires

Japanese Instruments for the Earthquake Laboratory at the Chicago Exposition

Where the Columbia River Gold Comes From

Artificial Imitation of the Gemination of the Canals of Mars

The New Steamers of the Cunard Line

The Simplex and Huge Torpedoes

By H.C. VoGt

A Mechanical Horse

Recent High Speed Locomotives

The Manufacture of Liquors and Preserves

By J. De Brevans

Astronomical Photography on Shipboard

British Industries Under Mckinleyism

The Car and Cab Drivers' Heater

The Tour of Switzerland

New Style of Electric Car

On the Magnetic Properties of Oxygen at Various Temperatures

By P. Curie

The Electric Curtain of the Comedie Francaise

The Duality of the Mind

By Benjamin Ward Richardson

Mr. Pasteur's Birthday Anniversary

Mammals Collected by Mr. Dybowski in the Interior of Africa

The Chemical Technology of Drying Oils, Oil Boiling, and Bleaching

By W. N. Hartley

Improvements in the Manufacture of Nitric Acid

By Oscar Guttmann

Separation of Microorganisms Centrifugal Action

By M. R. Leze

Change in the Character of a Mineral Water

By W. P. Mason

Useful Engineering Books

The Manufacture of Sodium Peroxide


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