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The Gun Trials of the Twin-Screw Armor-Clad Ram Libertad

Ferdinand De Lesseps

The Pasadena and Mount Wilson Railway

The Zimer Boat

Improved Stone sawing Machine

Agate Grinding in Germany

The Chemical Technology of Drying Oils, Oil Boiling, and Bleaching

By W. N. Hartley

Grease Extraction from Wool


The Electrolytic Bleaching of Cotton and Woolen Fabrics

By H. N. Warren

Bagasse as a Fuel

Automatic Mercurial Air Pumps

By August raps

Points of Contrary Flexure— Graphic Determination

By C. W. MacCord


Shops Operated by Compressed Air

Innocuous White Lead

Respiration in Singers

The Farmington, Washington County, Kas, Aerolite

By George Frederick Kunz and Weinschenk

Sending Plans and Drawings by Telegraph

Thermal Storage

Carex Japonica Variegata

The Discovery of the Sexuality of Plants

The Coloring Principle of Poke Berries


The Manufacture of Pure Naphthalene

The Constitution of the Alkaloids

By Alfred R. L. Dohme

Useful Engineering Books



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    April 01, 1893