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Vanloo's Portrait of Christopher Columbus

The Photo-Mechanical Processes

By S. R. Koehler

Burned Clay

By L. J. Howard

Improved Oil Cloth Printing Machine

Temperature Regulator for Incubators

The Huanchaca Mine, Bolivia, South America

By Robert Peele


The Vulcanizing Process for Preserving and Strengthening Poles, Cross Arms, Ties, Etc.

By Harry C. Myers

The New German Field Artillery

An Ocean Waif

Japanese Magic Mirrors

The Tesla Lecture in St. Louis

On the Treatment of Diabetes

Siemens Telephone Siren

The Lunar Surface

Electric Oscillations

The Sandgate Landslip

The Chatham Islands and an Antarctic Continent

A Patent Toy

Recent Contributions to the Chemistry and Bacteriology of the Fermentation Industries

By Percy F. Frankland

Horticultural Novelties of the Season

Blanket with Weights


Chemistry of the Stomach

Useful Engineering Books


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    Science or SciFi?

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