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The French Ironclad Neptune

Subsidies to Merchant Steamers

The American Steamer New York at Southampton

Purification of Mercury

By M. W. Jaeger

The Departure of Columbus from Palos

An Electric Fire Engine

The Berne Compressed Air Tramway

By C. S. Du Riche Preller

Creosoting Railway Cars

The Photo-Mechanical Processes

By S. R. Koehler

Jose Zorrilla

The Treatment of Boils by Boric Acid

The Sacred Nile

By J. Norman Lockyer

The Misapplications of the Term Cocoa

The Correct Usages for Cacao, Coca, Coco, and Cocoa

By Eugene Murray Aaron

Possibilities of the Telescope

By Alvan G. Clark

The Smallest Elephant

Lilium Longiflorum Harrisi

Recent Contributions to the Chemistry and Bacteriology of the Fermentation Industries

By Percy F. Frankland

Regatta of the Berlin Sail Skating Club, on Lake Muggel

Conversion of Isoprene into Caoutchouc

By William A. Tilden

The Simultaneous Precipitation of Copper and Antimony by the Galvanic Current

By W. Hampe

Is Consumption Contagious?

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