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The Russian Battle Ship Sinope

The French War Ship Magenta

The Photo-Mechanical Processes

By S. R. Koehler

Ancient Egyptian Pigments

Weiss Beer Brewing

Fifteen Hundred Horse Power Triple Expansion Mill Engines

Breathing in its Relation to Singing and Speaking

By Edwin H. Van Deusen

Negatives from Paper Prints

The Physiological Action of the Active Principles of Urechites Suberecta

By Ralph Stockman

Scientific Diversions

Writing and Sketching on the Screen

The Photographing of Interference Bands

Mr. Moissan's Experiments

On Cathodic Rays in Gases at the Atmospheric Pressure and in an Extreme Vacuum

By Philipp Lenard

The Decay of India Rubber

By Henry J. Williams

Action of Water and Solutions on Glass

The Production of Platinum

The Genealogy of Man

By E. D. Cope

The Calorific Value of Gas

Balloon Meteorology

By Carl E. Myers

A New Method of Observing the Solar Corona without an Eclipse

Screens to Protect the Telescope from Wind Tremors

A Typical Hurricane

Dendrobium Owenianum

The Clove Industry of Zanzibar

Swan Orchids




Useful Engineering Books


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    May 06, 1893

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism