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The New Water Supply for Paris—The Water of the Vigne and Avre

New Apparatus for Expanding Wheel Tires


Diagonal Yacht Sails

The Viking Ship

The Fastest Paddle Steamer in the World

Parratt's Deck Seat Safety Raft

The Electrical Transmission of Power

By Charles J. H. Woodbury

Nikola Tesla and his Wonderful Discoveries

To make Cloth Waterproof

Bleaching Wool with Sulphur

The Dredge-Steward Omni-Telemeter

Green Pigments

The Game of “Pelota”

The Golden Rose of Virtue

Australian Exhibits at Chicago


I.—Seaweeds Applied in Medicine.

By E. M. Holmes

Famous Gold Nuggets

Burns the Diver

Some Eccentricities of Plant Nutrition

By J. R. Green

The American Exposition now Open in Madrid—The Mexican Halls

Australian Hail Storms

Behavior of some Metals with Gases

By G. Neumann

Gases in Living Plants

By J. C. Arthur

Abstracts from the French Journals

The Photographic Properties of the Cerium Salts

By MM. Auguste and Louis Lumiere

The Assay of Gold

Bottle Wax



By A. Joly

Useful Engineering Books


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    May 20, 1893

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