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Sir Richard Owen

Why Bacilli are so small and Whence they get their Energy

By G. Johnstone Stoney

A Curious Plant

(Welwitschia mirabilis.)

A Garden at Broadway

Lord Rayleigh on Sound

Odontoglossum Crispum Nobilius

Calorimetric Determination of Coal

The Reflecting Stereoscope

Preparation of Uranium

By Henri Moissan

Colors from Iron Ores

By Walter J. May

Photogravure by the Talbot-Klic Process

The Permanency of Egyptian and other Pigments

Estimation of Mechanical Wood in Papers

Godeffroy and Coulon's Method

Rapid Crystallos

By Ch. Scolik

On Metallic Osmium

By A. Joly and M. Vezes

The Effects of Alloys on the Mechanical and Physical Properties of Metals

By W. C. Roberts-Austen

Phillips' Flying Machine

Duplex Color Printing

La Cour's “Kratostate”

French Locomotives at the Columbian Exposition

Germany's Representatives at the Columbian International Naval Review in America

The Discoverers of America

By Gardiner G. Hubbard

A Brioche Baked in a Hat

Disappearance of an Apple and a Ninepin


By Hanriot and C. Richet

Flies in Cholera

By J. Sawtschenko

Useful Engineering Books


Crotalidae of India and Ceylon

The Oldest Prescription in the World


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