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The Worlds Columbian Exposition—A German Artist's Journey from New York to Chicago

An Englishman's View of Chicago and its Exhibition

The Columbian Exposition

Horticulture at the Columbian Exposition

Technical Education

By Myer Blumenfeld

At the World's Fair

The needs and Opportunities of a Great Technical College

By R. H. Thurston

Rules for Safe Wiring

The Telephone Patents

By A. G. Holcombe

The New Stock Exchange in Madrid

Photography without an Objective

The Proposed overhead Mersey Bridge

A New Car Coupling

The Giffard Carbonic Acid Gas Gun

The Waterways of our Country and their use in Military Operations

By W. T. Hildrup House

The Effects of Alloys on the Mechanical and Physical Properties of Metals

By W. C. Roberts-Austen

Bright's Disease and Insanity

Science in German Manufactures

The Golden Rose of Virtue

Useful Engineering Books



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    July 01, 1893

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