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The Columbian Exposition

By John McGovern

The International Exposition at Chicago—A Street in Cairo

The Twenty-Hour Trains between New York and Chicago

The Worlds Fair at Chicago

With Sketches by Frederic Villiers, Special Artist For “Black and White”

Prehistoric Pottery on Exhibition at the World's Columbian Exposition

By Henry Hales

A Gigantic Land Turtle

The Tell El-Amarna Tablets

By Thomas Harrison

The Beaver and his Ways

By S. L. Clayes

The Leonids, or Meteors of November 13

By Daniel Kirkwood

The Atmosphere

The Recent Eclipse of the Sun

The Construction of a Water Tight Masonry Dam

By Walter Mcculloh

The Utilization of Coal Mines

Our Pavements

By John Donnelly

Electrical Power

The Cup Defender Pilgrim

The Car Ferryboat Sainte Marie

Marine Messenger Balls

Paper Insulation

The New Wimshurst Influence Machine

The Cambray Sugar Process

A Compass for Drawing Spirals

The Daguerreotype Process

An Inexpensive Micrometer

An Experimental Study of the Seat of Cutaneous Sensations

By Charles L. Dana

Fixers of Nitrogen

By M. Berthelot

Notes on Chemical Manufacturing in Russia

By R. Bowman

Useful Engineering Books


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July 08, 1893

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