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The Canal Connecting the North Sea with the Baltic Sea

Hargrave's Flying Machine

The Swinging Bridge of Tarento

Pneumatic Conveyor Plant

The New Battle Ship Massachusetts

Enameling Papers

Transparent Toilet Soaps

Silicious Fire Bricks

A New Tele-Photo Lens


A Portrait of Columbus Attributed to Titian

Nau's Method of Making Metal Plates

By John B. Nau

The “Sap” of Trees and its Movements

By Charles R. Barnes

California Raisin Grapes

The Formation and Deformation of Minnesota Lakes

By C. W. Hall

Extremes in the Vegetable Kingdom

Dandelions as Weeds

How to Bandage a Finger

By S. Geo. Hermance

Skeletons of Man and Horse

Lemons in Summer

Effects of Sulphur on Clarification

By J. T. Crawley

Pine Needle Oil

By J. Bertram and H. Walbaum

Neutral Fat in Mineral Oil

By J. Klimont

Some Products of Cassava

By E. E. Elwell and H. W. Wiley

On the Influence of the Average Annual Temperature on the Chem-Ical Composition of Sugar Cane

By Gustave Michaud

Oils of Apricots, Cherries, Plums and Peaches as Adulterants of Almond Oil

By C. Micko

The Chemistry and Physiology of Foliage Leaves

Useful Engineering Books


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July 15, 1893

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