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Germany at the World's Columbian Exposition

Notes from the Great Exposition

The Ferris Wheel

Kollman's Locomotive Railway Apparatus

Suggestions for Military Improvements

By Cornelius Gardener

The Kieselguhr Fire Brick

Manufacture of Soda Alum

Woven Wire and Segregation

By Bryan Corcoran

New Musical Instruments

The Motion of Liquids Studied Through Chrono-Photography

Lecture on Decoration

By Louis Solder

Physical Development

The Baths of Ischia, of Voltaggio and of Casciana

By Benjamin D. Howard

A New Photometer

The Anti-Emetic Action of Menthol

Protection of Iron and Steel Specimens

Preparation of Liquid Organic Extracts

By E. Brown-Sequard

Improvements in the Manufacture of Borax

By H. N. Warren

Poisonous Plants and their Poisons

By J. Guardia

Sulphate of Ammonia as a Manure

Savoy Cabbage

Useful Engineering Books


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    July 22, 1893

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