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The Horticultural Palace

Mining at the World's Columbian Exposition

“Non-Sticking” Armature

The Nature of Depolarizers

By Henry E. Armstrong

Band-Saw Machine

The Pneumatic Process of Sinking a Pier

Horatio Allen's Ride

A Shallow Draught Steamer

The Conversazione of the Royal Society

Duodenal Secretion and Digestion

By G. Archie Stockwell

The Cholera Epidemic

“Mixed Infection” in Cholera

Nourishment in Acute Disease

By Francis H. Williams

South Polar Whale and Seal Fishing

The Sedan Chair

The Great Prize of Paris

Insect Ravages

A Seal Rookery in the Behring Sea

The Indian Ocean

By Richard Beynon

Extinct Volcanoes in the United States

By Ralph S. Tarr

Ancient Glacial Moraine and Drift at the Mouth of the Columbia River

By W. Hampton Smith

Fogs, Clouds and Lightning

Poisonous Plants and their Poisons

By J. Guardia

Siamese Fruits


The Formation of Ozone

By W. A. Shenstone and Martin Priest

The Conditions Determinative of Chemical Change

By Henry E. Armstrong

Manufacture of Per-Salts of Iron

By E. Hermite and A. Dubosc


The Flames of some Metals

Useful Engineering Books


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    July 29, 1893

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