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The Loss of H. M. S. Victoria

Hydrothermal Mining Process

The Mine and Tunnel Velocipede

Some of the Abuses of Brushes, and their Remedies

By John J. Whelen

Fastening of Speculum or Tool to Post

The Fifty Ton Crane of the Lerouville Quarries

The World's Columbian Exposition-The German Village-The Exhibit of the United States Government

New Wimshurst Machine

The Light of the Electric Arc

Electrical Chemistry

Interference of Electrical Waves

The World's Columbian Exposition—The Macmonnies Fountain

The Picturesque in Chimneys

The Bering Sea Fisheries

Fish Monstrosities

Seal Hunting in the Bering Sea

Influence of Music on Man and Animals

Rubber in Sierra Leone

By G. F. Scott Elliot

Ice in the Treatment of Acute Pneumonia—A Collective Report

By Thomas J. Mays

Modern Empiricism and “Organicextracts,” so Called

Useful Engineering Books

A Study of Light Sources by Photography

The Volatilization of Silica and Zirconia and the Reduction of these Substances by Carbon

By Henri Moissan


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