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The World's Columbian Exposition—The International Quarter

The World's Columbian Exposition—The Builders iron Foundry Exhibit of 12-inch Breech-Loading Rifled Mortars

The Japanese Cruiser Yoshino

The Aerial Castle of the Antwerp Exposition

The Port of Bizerte

A Steam Carriage of Sixty Years Ago

The Ideal Engineering Education

By William H. Burr

A New Apparatus for Measuring Photographic Plates

The Tele-Photographic Lens

By W. K. Burton

New Fire Damp Indicators

The Departure of Dr. Nansen's Arctic Expedition

The Geological Work of High Pressure Gas

Insects Injurious to Drugs

By L. E. Sayre

The Medusa of Lake Tanganyika

Sights with a Five-Inch Telescope

By Garrett P. Serviss

A Rain of Ice

A Cocoa Appeal Case

The Victoria Regia

New Cellulose Derivatives and their Industrial Applications

By C. F. Cross, E. J. Bevan and C. Beadle

Society of Chemical Industry

Salts of Sulphophosphoric Acid

Gilded Platinum

By W. C. Heraeus

Useful Engineering Books

New Valuation Method for Raw Sugar


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