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Pressure Developed by Explosives

By C. B. Noble

Societies for Cannon Practice

Pile Foundations, Chicago

The Marine Weakness of Great Britain

Moving of a Shed at Rouen

Weicher's Fiber Extracting Machine

The Atmospheric Railway

A Visit to a Sheep Dip Factory

The Steam Turbine

By James Asher

Coloring Paper on one Side

About Luminous Paint

By J. E. Smith

Washing Powders

The Cotton-Seed Oil Industry

Counter of Distances for Bicycles

Disappearance of a Coin

The Catastrophe at Schneidemuhl

Doryanthes Guilfoylei

The Plant Effects in the Horticultural Building

The Bread-Fruit Tree

The Columbian Exposition—Department of Fine Arts Awards

The End of Our World

By Camille Flammarion

The Spectroscope at the Lick Observatory

The Genesis of Petroleum and Asphalt in California

By A. S. Cooper

The Pacific Ocean

By Richard Beynon

Testing Plane Surfaces by Interference Phenomena

Vegetable Oils

By De Negri and Fabris


By W. P. Thompson


Useful Engineering Books

Yeast without Alcohol

By M. Krouchkoll


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    September 02, 1893

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