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The Education of a Guardian of the Peace

The Geometrical Lobster

The Stanford University

Hadrian's Villa

Some Experiments with “Fireproof” Materials

The Light of the Electric Arc

Snyer's Elastic Coupling

Printing-Out Platinum Process

By C. C. Hutchins

Manufacture of Glass Pipes, Tubes, and Gutters

By P. Sievert

Abrasion of Wheat Products

By W. G. Clark

A Condensed Architectural History of the World's Columbian Exposition

By D. H. Burnham

The Columbian Exposition—The German Wine Building

The World's Columbian Exposition— A Bird's Eye View

Forestry Exhibit at the World's Columbian Exposition

The Fiber Culture Outlook in the South

By Eugene Murray Aaron

The Geologist at Blue Mountain, Maryland

By Charles D. Walcott

The Spirits of the Fountains

By C. Falkenhorst

The Abyss of Jean Nouveau (Vaucluse)

Syenite Quarries at Assouan

Cattle Struck by Lightning

Chinese Insect Wax or White Wax

Carrier Pigeons

By Josef V. Pleyel

How Birds Steer

Absolute Alcohol

By Peter Wyatt Squire

The Distillation of Essential Oils and Separation of the Oil from the Water

By J. F. Child

The Influence of Exercise on the Interchange of the Respiratory Gases

By W. Marcet

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    September 09, 1893

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