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The World's Columbian Exposition—The French National Holiday

Chicago, July 20, 1893

The World's Columbian Exposition—The International Zoological Congress

Problems of Zoology

Theories of the Origin of Mountain Ranges

Summary Statement of the Formal Theory

By Joseph Le Conte

Parsee Funeral and Towers of Silence

To the Editor of the Scientific American

A Luminous Cephalopod

Marriage in Burma

Through the Yangtse Gorges

The Geographical Position and Height of Mount Saint Elias

By T. C. Mendenhall

Some Unrealized Annexation Projects

By W. A. Curtis

Canary Rosewoods

The Cotton Industry

Sparrowe's House, Ipswich

Handy Tables of Dimensions of Joists and Rafters for Common Purposes

By H. Maack

The Limitation of Engine Speed

By Charles T. Porter

The Bering Sea Decision

The Tide Indicator at Rouen

The Gas Engine as Applied to Electric Light Work

By George A. Farwell

Legal Units of Electrical Measure

The Sand Frame Trick

Induction at Great Distances

Underground Wires for Electric Lighting and Power Distribution

By D. C. Jackson

The World's Electrical Congress

Extraction of Oils


Useful Engineering Books

Pyroxyline Solvents

Alcohol from Peat

The Source of the Oxygen in Air


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