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Disco Island, South Greenland

By Wm. E. Meehan


The Museum of Nuremberg

A Buried Roman City Revealed by the Growing Corn

The World 'S Columbian Exhibition: A General View

The Chicago Exposition

German Day

Germany at the World 's Columbian Exposition

A Problem in Glassmaking

By Otto Witt

Employment of Women and Children in France

On the Transmission of Electric Signals through Space

By W. H. Preece

Yawning as a Remedy

Simplified Multiplication

The Origin of Sleep

The Action of Cold and Warmth on Muscular Fatigue

The Electric Match

A Cheap and useful Form of Apparatus for the Gravimetric Determination of Co2

By J. H. Hoseason

A Glass Interceptor for Distilling

By M. Muller

Porous Earthenware Filters

By W. Pukall

The Mordants and their Action

Turacin, a Remarkable Animal Pigment Containing Copper

By A. H. Church

Transferring Wash Solutions


A Wash Funnel for Oxidizable Precipitates

By J. A. Forret

Useful Engineering Books


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