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A Present Duty

By Edward Baxter

Surprise of Italian Torpedo Boats

High Frequency Electric Induction

By Elihu Thomson

The Advantages of Memorizing

Brancher's Elastic Clutch

Moving of a Large Masonry Building in Chicago

American Color Processes

The World's Columbian Exhibition: A General View

Bilbao Harbor Works

The Separation of Zinc Blende from Iron Minerals

By Walter Renton Ingalls

Edward Thring

By G. Wolcott Brooks

Causes of Fire in Dwellings

Statue of Claude Chappe

Improved Printing-Out Platinotype Paper

Views in Samoa

The Race to the North Pole

The Sequoias at the American Museum of Natural History

Lilium Lowii

Arrowroot Manufacture—Island of St. Vincent

The Cacao Tree


The Luminiferous Ether


Useful Engineering Books


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