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The Americans in the Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building

The World's Columbian Exhibition: A General View

The Chicago Exposition—The French Section in the Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building

Development of Mineralogy

By L. P. Gratacap

Apparatus for Ascertaining the Efficiency of Screw Propellers

The Art of Mining by Fire

By Arthur L. Collins

Jet Propulsion

Improved Tipping Crane

Motive Power Equipment, New York Central Railroad

Bleaching Cotton Yarn

Ornamenting of Waterproof Fabrics

Modern Milling

By James Newby

Linseed Oil for Paint and Polish

The Soapstone Industry of China

New Condensation Apparatus

The Nature of Depolarizers

Twig Forage

Biology and its Relations with other Branches of Science

By J. S. Burdon-Sanderson

Strange Freaks of Memory

A Mute who is Capable of Speaking

Typhoid Fever in Hartford in 1891 and 1892

The Advantages of a Scientific Education

By Francis A. Walker

The Eggs of Insects

The Transparency of Ebonite to Light and Heat

The Origin of Gold

By Philip Lake

A Sensitive Spherometer

By A. A. Common

A Microscopical and Analytical Study of Coca Leaves

By Alfred R. L. Dohme

Canadian Potash

By T. D. Reed

The Production of Oxygen from the Air


A New Carbonometer

By W. Molesworth

A New Method for Determining the Fatty Matter of Milk

By Leo Liebermann and S. Szekely


Preparing Red Pigments

Useful Engineering Books


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    October 14, 1893

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