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Floating Beacons and Luminous Buoys

Storage Batteries in French Central Stations

Emerson's Improved Picket Fence

The Salt Industry of Astrakhan

The Sulphur Industry of Sicily

A Distinguished American Bonaparte

President Carnot

Biology and its Relations with other Branches of Science

The Specific Energies Of The Organism

By J. S. Burdon-Sanderson

Picture Taking at the World's Columbian Exposition

Glycin as a Developer for Lantern Pictures

The World's Columbian Exposition

Spontaneous Combustion

“Boys to Mend”

Lælia X Novelty

Drift Seed

Lavage of the Stomach in Cases of Toxic Poisoning

The use of Organic Liquids Extracted from Glands and other Organs

The Necropolis of Ancon, Peru

By George A. Dorsey

Subterranean Refuges of Gaul

Engineering Problems in the Construction of Large Refracting Telescopes

By Worcester R. Warner

Manuring Sugar Beets

The Constitution of the Stars

By Edward C. Pickering

A Green Coloring Matter from Eserine

By Sen. S. J. Ferreira Da Silva



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