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Street Vaccination in France

The Nurseries of Cholera-Hurdwar and Mecca

By Ernest Hart

Brindley, the Famous Engineer

The Etaings Forge and Rolling Mill, near Rive-De-Gier, France

Mechanical Science

By Jeremiah Head

Alldays' Detachable Vise Clamp

An Improved Method for Electroplating the Bottoms of Vessels

The Largest Cargo Steamer in the World

The World's Columbian Exposition—The Russian Exhibit in the Palace of Manufactures and Liberal Arts

How Talc is Utilized

How to Construct a Violin

Scientific Diversions

Grape Preserves and Jelly

Express Robberies and their Prevention

The Prehensile Function of the Foot

The Heat of Combustion of Coal Gas in Relation to its Illuminating Power


Tests for Carbonic Oxide in Air

Diffusibility of Gases through Caoutchouc

By A. Reycbler

Separation of Gases from Water


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