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The Cunard Company's Steamship Lucania

Roads of Italy and Spain

The Steering of Screw Propelled Vessels

New Ferry Bridge and other Engineering Works at Bilbao, Spain

The Visit of the French Engineers to America

Ice Houses

Benjamin Jowett

Portland Cement

Olive Mead

Diazotype Photography

The Columbus Relics at the World's Columbian Exposition

Light and Electricity

The Effect of Water Vapor on Electrical Discharges

Measurement of the Electric Power of Alternating Currents

Laboratory Apparatus for the Distillation of Mercury

Pilocarpine: Its Physiological Action and Therapeutic uses. With Exhibition of Specimens showing change in the Color of the Hair

General Diseases in Which Pilocarpine Useful

By D. W. Prentiss

Oxygen Gas as an Enrichment for Coal Gas

Therapeutical Superstition

By George T. Welch

Treatment of Sea Sickness

Washing out of the Intestinal Tract

By Anton Von Genersich

A New Refractometer

Experiments in Changes of Color with Reagents

Cultivation of Coffee in Brazil

Erosion of the Mississippi River Banks

How Red Spider was got Rid Of


The Glaciers of Greenland


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    November 18, 1893

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