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H. M. S. Speedy

The Second Track of the St. Gothard Railroad

The Solution of the Flight Problem

By Karl Buttrnstedt

A Weldless Steel Chain

By M. Simon-Brunschwig

Artesian Well Boring in Queensland

New Method of Casting Steel Ingots

A New Steam Turbine

Oil Fuel for Boilers

Paper Mills in India

Brown Wood Pulp

The Confectionery and Bakery Exhibition

Sugar Making in Hawaii

Utilization of Old Rubber

By R. Henriques

“Amen” Mummy Coffins in the British Museum

A Wireworm Trap

Tobacco Smoke Floated upon Carbonic Acid

Microscopical Notes

The Making of Mountain Chains

By H. G. Wells

The New Physical Geography

By Ralph S. Tarr

The Annual Exhibition of the Mineralogical Department of the Brooklyn Institute

Development of Mineralogy.—II

By L. P. Gratacap

The Tallest Mammal

By R. Lydekker

Parasitic and Predaceous Insects in Applied Entomology

By C. V. Riley

Change of Volume when Liquids of Different Densities are Mixed

By Wilbur S. Scoville

The Chemistry of Bacteria

By R. Warington


On the Diamond in the Canon Diablo Meteoric Iron and on the Hardness of Carborundum

By George Frederick Kunz and Oliver W. Huntington


Structure of Yeast Cells


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