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Antarctic Exploration

Rescuing an Elephant Calf from a Pitfall

By Parker Gillmore

The Moon's Face—A Study of the Origin of its Features

By G. K. Gilbert

The Dried Apple Industry in France

The Chestnut Oak

Stanhopea Lowii

A New Cow Milker

The Village Leather Industry in Russia

The Extraction of Kaolin

Hardwood Joinery

The Columbian Exposition

IV. Liberal Arts-England

By L. P. Gratacap

Burned Clay Ballast

By S. E. Coombs

The Antofagasta and Bolivia Railroad

Portable Oil Engine

The Hausshalter Speed Recorder

The Peradenia Bridge, Ceylon

Anthony Reckenzaun

How to Build a Coasting Sled

By Francis T. Freeland

Interesting Artillery Experiments at Elswick

The War in Brazil


By C. C. Stauffer

The Luminiferous Ether

The Density of the Earth

By Henry Wurtz

The Progress of Scientific Knowledge

By Lord Kelvin



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    January 06, 1894

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