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The United States War Ship Columbia

The Jetties at the Mouth of the Mississippi River

Vegetable Parchment: Its Properties, uses, and Manufacture

Marshall's Paper Pulp Finisher

New Electric Tramway Car

Improved Hay Rake and Tedder

A Perpetual Motion of the Eighteenth Century

Notes on the Treatment and Cure of Cancer

The Important Discovery of the Treatment and Cure for Cancer

By Nicolas Pike

Photographic Apparatus for Facilitating Focusing

Miss Klumpke

Fumigation with Bisulphide of Carbon

By H. Du Buysson

The Dangerous Employments Inquiry

Formation of Snow in Bright Sunshine

Distillatory Apparatus for the Separation of Alcohol from Mixtures


Boron Bronze

By H. N. Warren

Oil of Coprah and Palm Oil

The Formenephone for the Musical Analysis of Gases


By W. Chandler Roberts-Austen

Studies of the Phenomena of Simultaneous Contrast Color; and on a Photometer for Measuring the Intensities of Lights of Different Colors

By Alfred M. Mayer

The Talking Watch

Curious Mineral Formations

Italian Method to keep Warm

The History of Footgear

What we know of the Lobster

By Fred Mather

The Hawaiian Islands

An Experiment with the Scouring Rush



Venus and her Crescent

Dust and Atmospheric Phenomena

By J. G. McPherson


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