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Life on the West Coast of Africa

By an Officer of the West India Regiment

Boat Racing in Burma


By Charles E. Hires

A Japanese Flower Seller

Interesting Experiments in Germination

By G. J. Romanes

Effects of Electric Flash Light on Plants

Chrysanthemum Robert Petfield

Sugar from Cornstalks

Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes


By M. F. Price

The Recidivist

By James Weir

The New Reichstag Building, Berlin

Excavations at Dougga

A Curious Phenomenon of Electrification

The Jeffrey Electric Coal Mining Machine

Electric Transfer Table

Electro-Chemical Effects on Magnetizing Iron

Experiments with Magnetic Polar Terminals

By Thomas Andrews

Strength Lost by the Twist

Effect of Electricity on Steam

The Internal Work of the Wind

Part I.—Introductory

By S. P. Langley

The Temperature of Ignition of Explosive Gaseous Mixtures

By A. E. Tutton


Lectuie IV

By W. Chandler Roberts-Austen



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    Dwindling Supply. Increasing Demand.

    Dwindling Supply. Increasing Demand.

    Solving the Water Crisis