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The Manufacture of Fireworks in France

Adulterated Linseed Oil

Method of Making Standard Sperm Candles

Carriageway Pavements

How to make Statuary in Paper

The Valere Running Machine

Improved Planing Machine

Metallic Lantern Screens

By W. H. Harrison

Fireproof Flooring

The Jinriksha at Home

Cellar or no Cellar ?

By Edward Atkinson

Nitrogen as Food for Animals and Plants

By Vaughan Cornish

Report of the Microscopist of the Department of Agriculture

A New Sulphide of Carbon

By A. E. Tutton


By W. Chandler Roberts-Austen

Tests for Cocoanut and Palm Oil

Analysis of Smokeless Powder

By C. Istrati

The Internal Work of the Wind

Part III.—Application

By S. P. Langley

“Those Cocoons Resembling Pine Cones ?”

By C. V. Riley

The Condor of the Andes

By S. L. Clayes

The Gold Deposits of the Pyrenees

How Plants Feed

Pilæ Marinæ

Chrysanthemum John Noble

Comparative Value of Manures for Potatoes



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