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The Art of Book and Newspaper Illustration

By Henry Blackburn

Conflagrations of World's Fair Buildings

Bleaching Oils

The Boiling of Linseed Oil

Pantometric Guide Compass

Cottonseed Oil Rubber

By C. B. Warrand

Manufacture of Nitro-Glycerin

New Pipe Joint

The Angleometer

The Manufacture of Fireworks in France

Large Cotton Mills

Powder for Cannon

H. M. S. Havock—Torpedo Boat Destroyer

Joseph Wilson Swan

William Shotton

Electric Hauling at the Mines of the Brock Coal Company, Penn

An English Ferris Wheel

The Rusting of Iron and Steel

Wind Pressure


Paper Birds

The Methods of Testing Fats and Oils

By Ernest Mailliau

Experiment on the Crystallization of Sulphate of Soda

Sassafras Trees

By Walter J. Quick

The Essential Oil of Lemon

By R. S. Ladell

Horticultural and Vegetable Novelties of the Season

Irrigation by the use of Windmills

By B. A. McAllester

Visiting a Chinese Patient



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