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The Exploration of Greenland

The Greenland Expedition of the Berlin Geographical Society

Venomous and Poisonous Fishes

Restoration of Camptosaurus

By O. C. Marsh

The Volcano Calbuco, in Chile

Rhododendron Multicolor Mrs. Heal

A Steel Meteorite

Some uses of Snowshoes

Horse Training and Equitation at the Saumur School of Cavalry

The Decapitation—A Trick in Prestidigitation

A Spanish Railway Accident

Traction of Bicycles by Dogs

Water Tube Marine Boilers

Hints on Designing Textile Fabrics

The Art of Book and Newspaper Illustration

By Henry Blackburn

The Pasteurizing of Silkworms

By Leonard Wray

The Preservation of Infusions

By Edmund White

Edmond Fremy

Chemical Properties of Gases

By Francis C. Phillips

Fresh Water from Salt Water

By A. Normandy


Brain and Muscle

By William A. Hammond



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    March 31, 1894

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism