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Early English Locomotives

Water Tube Boilers

The Automatic Balance of Reciprocating Machinery and the Prevention of Vibration

By W. Worby Beaumont

Apparatus for Preventing Accidents in Factories

Blower for Smelting on a Large Scale

Flow of Solids

Ancient Egyptian Pigments

Riders of many Lands

Hot Water Funnel

Electrically Propelled Vehicles for Ordinary Roads

Speed of Propagation of an Electrical Disturbance

Fish Poisons

By J. B. Nagelvoort

Locating Metallic Bodies in the upper Air Passages

By E. N. Heard

Utilization of Town Refuse

The Manufacture and Industrial Value of Aluminum Alloys

By J. H. J. Dagger

Chemical Properties of Gases

(III) Origin of Natural Gas and Petroleum

By Francis C. Phillips


The Megaladapis

A Gigantic Lemurid Recently Discovered in Madagascar

The Planet Venus

Action of Light on Bacteria

By H. M. Ward


The Acari


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    April 07, 1894

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