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The Plantin Museum, Antwerp

A Simple Inhaling Apparatus

Water Gas in small Works

Some Italian “Survivals”—A “Long House” in the timber delta

By Robert H. Lamborn

Edison's Phonographic Levee

A New Electro-Dynamometer

Electric Arc Lamp for Lanterns

Another Early Transformer with Closed Magnetic Circuit

By A. M. Tanner

Boilers for torpedo Catchers

Water Tube Boilers

The Sword of Ethan Allen

By John R. Weathers and D. C.

Calico Printing Machinery

By John Waterson

Study of Snow Crystals

(Translated for the Scientific American.)

By G. Hellmann

The Effects on the Vocal Chords of Improper Method in Singing

By H. Holbrook Curtis

Bovine Tuberculosis

By Henry G. Wolcott

Nansen's Expedition to the North Pole

Roosting Butterflies

By John T. Carrington

Shawangunk Mountain

By N. H. Darton

Hints on the art of Landscape Gardening

By Thomas Hawkes

Ernst Haeckel



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    April 28, 1894