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Armstrong Quick-Firing Guns

On a Fluid Pressure Reversing Gear

By David Joy

The Luhrig Gas Motor Car

Transmission of Power by Friction Pulleys

By G. D. Hiscox

Goldsmiths' Work: Past and Present

By Philip Newman

The Smallest Books in the World

Stereochemistry, or Chemistry in Space


Quantitative Work for Beginners in Chemistry

By W. A. Noyes

New Forms of Apparatus for Organic Analysis

By James Leicester

The Synthetic Powers of Microorganisms

By O. Loew


By James Kennedy

Study of Snow Crystals

By G. Hellmann

The Wild Clematises

By S. Mottet

A Great Barn


Coyote Farming in Kansas

A Remarkable Cometary Collision

The Feigning of Death by Animals


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