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The Medical Congress at Rome

Archæology and Medicine in Rome

By Rodolfo Lanciani


Water Vibrios

On the Action of Alum upon the Nervous System

Application of Antisepsy to Hypodermic Medication

The Tubular Railway of Paris

Improved Steam Turbines


Waste Energy

By George Hill

Twin Screw Steamship Torr Head

The Magnetarium

Telegraphic Communication by Induction by means of Coils

By Charles A. Stevenson

A History of the Telephone

By W. Clyde Jones

Isoperimetrical Problems

By Lord Kelvin

The Origin of Anthracite

Basic Sulphate of Alumina

Carbon in the Sun

Tripoli in the Spring

“Misti”—Harvard's New Observatory

The World's Columbian Exposition from a Botanical Standpoint

By Henry Kraemer

Cœlogyne Mossiæ

By Rolfe

Development of Mineralogy—III

By L. P. Gratacap

A Phenomenal Jumper

Interesting Discoveries of Egyptian Relics



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    May 12, 1894

    Confronting Common Wisdom