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The Air Ship Division of the German Army

Krupp Ordnance

Briquette Machine

Transparent Conducting Screens for Electric and other Apparatus

Improved Stereo-Matrix Process

Steam Kindling Wood Manufactory

Gaseous Fluorides

Chemisry in Relation to Pharmaco-Therapeutics and Materia Medica

By B. J. Stokvis


Chemical Notes

Temperature of Visibility

Problems of Lighting

Hints on Coloring Lantern Slides

By Geo. M. Hopkins

Infantry Footwear

By P. Phister

The Legal Responsibility of the Aged

By J. J. Caldwell

American Apple Exports

The Ouvirandra Fenestralis

Fair Forestry outside of the United States

By Jos. Crawford

Extinct Monsters

A Brief Account of Some of the Most Remarkable Forms of Animal Life in the Past History of the Earth

By Stephen Bowers

Kernot on Wind Pressures

Avian Athletics

By Maurice Thompson



The Fixed Stars

By Edward S. Holden

Greenland as a Summer Resort


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    June 02, 1894

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism