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Louis Kossuth

The Art of Reading Books

By J. E. C. Welldon


What I don't know about Electricity

By George Cutter

A Cremation Scene

The uses of Borax

By E. L. Fleming

Family Still for Continuous Distillation

Manufacture of Pipkins

Some Recent Advances in Photographic Chemistry

By Chapman Jones

The Berliner Patent

Wire-Netting Machine

Cauderay's Electric Clock

The Stockton Warm Water Baths

The Adulteration of Food

By H. W. Wiley

On Chemical Laboratories

By Ira Remsen


The Velocity of Combustion of Gunpowder and Smokeless Powders

The Mailed Monsters of Argentina

By R. Lydekker

Plant Life in the Ocean

Extinct Monsters

A Brief Account of Some of the Most Remarkable Forms of Animal Life in the PastHistory of the Earth

By Stephen Bowers

Foreglows and Afterglows

By J. G. McPherson



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