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Opening of the Manchester Ship Canal

The Manchester Ship Canal

A Great Mining Tunnel

The Relation of Mathematics to Engineering

Nickel—Its History, uses, and Distribution

The Distribution of Nickel

By A. G. Charleton

The Brott Electric Elevated Bicycle Railway Co

Three Years in a Country Gas Works

By S. M. Highlands

An Amateur's Photographic Laboratory

Various uses of Wood

Bullet-Proof Jackets

Gold Moire-Metallique

By A. Liversidge

Note on an Apparatus for the Continuous Production of Nitric Acid

By Manning Prentice

How to live and retain Health and Vigor in Old Age

By Nicolas Pike

A Plea for the Suppression of Vice

The Adulteration of Food

By H. W. Wiley

The Latest Egyptian Discoveries

The Lake Tchad Convention between France and Germany

What is a Comet's Tail?

By A. C. Ranyard

Dendrobium Nobile Var Schroderianum

The Sassafras


Winthrop Gardens

A Woman Farmer


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    June 23, 1894

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