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A Japanese Hotel

Underground Life and Labor in the Anthracite Region

A Race between Pedestrians, Stiltsmen and Horses

A New Mechanical Fluid

By Charles Wallace Hunt

Photo-Engraving on Glass

By P. C. Duchochois

Crystalline Glass

By Nicholaus T. Nelsson

Elevators and Machinery Flour Mills, Bromley

Improvement in the Manufacture of Sodium and Potassium

Russian Sheet Iron

Mathematical Tables

By M. Joseph De Perott

Resistance of the Ether

By De Volson Wood

The Luminiferous Ether

By J.J. Stewart

How to make Telephones and Telephone Calls

Size of House Sewers

Voice Culture in Schools

By Z. Richards

Pyromellitic Acid Crystals

Tin-Foil as a Filling Material

By Benjamin Lord

Man's Work in Defense of Plants

By Joseph F. James

Allamanda Fruiting

The Science of Vulcanology

The Right to Top a Neighbor's Trees

In French Indo-China

An Excavation Campaign in Eretria

Director of the American School of Archeology in Athens

By Rufus B. Richardson



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    July 07, 1894

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism