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Improved Oil Engines

Liquid Fuel

By G. Stockfleth

Centerboard Yachts

The Ouray and Silverton Railroad

A Corroded Bolt

The Royal Institution

The Work of Hertz

Electricity in the Studio

Passage of Hydrogen through Palladium

Toning Prints in Various Colors

The Liquefaction and Solidification of Air and Gases

By Henry Wurtz

Gases in Kilauea

By William Libbey

Manufacture of Oxide of Zinc

Crystals in Books

By A. F. Tait

The Spectra of Oxygen at High Temperatures

Man's Work in Defense of Plants

By Joseph F. James

The Venom of the Cobra

By C. A. Mitchell

The Tawny Owl

By Harry F. Witherby

English Firemen in Vienna

Jerez and its Vines

Begonia Platanæfolia Decora

Hybrids of Narcissus Triandrus

Economic Botany

By Edson S. Bastin

Life on Lake Titicaca

By Solon I. Bailey

The Determination of Latitude and Longitude by Stellar Photography

August Kundt



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    July 14, 1894

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism