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L'ecole Polytechnique

Portable Intrenching Tools for Infantry

NOTE.—In the German service, normal shelter pits are considered safe againsst small-arm projectiles and shrapnel fragments only when there is an earth defense in front of sixty inches.

By Lieut W. C. Wren

The Work of Hertz

Microphonic Detectors

The Scientific Work of Tyndall

Professor of Natural Philosophy, R.I.

By Lord Rayleigh

Instantaneous Photograph of a Kicking Horse

Photographic Reliefs for Decorative or Ornamental Use

American “Tripoli”

By E. O. Hovey


By H. W. Wiley

Rose Growing for the New York Market

A Chat on Orchids

By N. Pike

Passiflora Manicata

Footprints of Vertebrates in the Coal Measures of Kansas

By O. C. Marsh

Assyrian Sculpture at the British Museum

By George Clinch

Helen Keller

By Katharine D. Partridge

The Bamboo—Wan-Lo's Composition

By Elizabeth Cumings

Typhoid Fever—In Memoriam

The Legal Aspects of the Disorder at Chicago

By Austin Abbott


Some Applications of Electrolytic Cells


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    July 28, 1894