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Destruction by Fire of the Great Buildings of the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago

A One-Legged Bicyclist

Wool and its Manufacture

The Mechanism of Thought

Linseed Oil

Crystallization in Motion

The Manufacture of White Sugar Direct from Cane Juice

By L. F. Haubtman

Artificial Illumination

By Wm. Paul Gerhard

Fruit Juices and Sirups

Roadways and Street Pavements

By William L. Dickinson


An Analysis of the Functions of a Bird's Wing During Flight and its Mechanical Imitation

By S. D. Mott

An Armored Disappearing Turret Operated by Hand Power

Nature's Protest against Change

By Vaughan Cornish

Study of Fluid Motion by means of Colored Bands

By Osborne Reynolds

How to Ice Cakes

Vesuvius in Eruption

A Correspondent of the Scientific American Visits the Volcano

Cacao (Theobroma Cacao) in the Sierra Nevada, Colombia

Grevillea Banksii

Analysis of Fresh Figs

Rain Making

By Fernando Sanford

Types of Floral Structure

By Alex. S. Wilson



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    August 11, 1894