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M. Casimir-Perier, President of France

On Color Photography

By J. Joly

Recent Progress in Astronomical Photography

By A. Taylor

Steamer for Pressed Hay

The Manufacture of Smokeless Powder

By Oscar Guttmann

American Bells

The Lucania and the Campania

Spray Tanning

By P. F. Reinsch

H. M. S. Ferret

Rope Bridges and their Military Applications

The Relation of the Drawing Office to the Shop in Manufacturing

By A. W. Robinson

The Havemeyers

The uses of Photography in Medicine

By Andrew Pringle


Cave Explorers Buried for Eight Days

Rain Making

By Fernando Sanford

The Boise Basin in Idaho

By J. B. Hastings

Apparatus for Distilling and Sterilizing Water

By J. Nagel

Acid Fermentation in Tanning Liquors

The Composition of Atmospheres which Extinguish Flame

By Frank Clowes

Impurities in Snow

Manufacture of Cocaine

By Alfred Einhorn and Richard Willstatter


Tar Soap


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    August 18, 1894

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