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The Bridge of Niphon-Bashi, Yedo, Japan

Sea Salts and Carbonates

By J. A. Dewe

Methods of Mine Timbering

By W. H. Storms

Harbor Defense

The Military Value of the Donkey

By Lieut.L. D. Greene

Asphaltic Cement

The Sugar Industry

Maxim's Flying Machine

Morton's Reaction Engine

Protection from Lightning

By Alexander McAdie

Moissan's Continuous Electric Furnace

Telegraphic Communication by Induction by means of Coils

Photography as applied to Process Work

By Leslie E. Clift

Ernst Haeckel

The Seas of Mars

By William H. Pickering

Rubus Japonicus Tricolor

Disa Veitchii X

Artificial Fertilizers

Australian Sheep and Wool

By Henry G. Kittredge

An antidote for After Damp


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September 15, 1894

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism