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The Great Bluestone Industry

The House of Francis I. at Abbeville

Artificial Silk

On the Preparation of Carbon Blacks from Natural Gas in America

By Godfrey L. Cabot

Purification of Sugar-Continuous “First Saturation”

By T Franc

Note on the above Paper

By Robert Irvine

A Simple Method of Drawing

The Lardarelo Boric Acid Works

Aluminum Boats

Boat with Propelling Turbine

A Typical Gold Mine

By Arthur Lakes

A New Electrolytic Method of Producing Aluminum

A Wood Carving Machine

Cathodic Rays

Sketch of Heinrich Hertz

By Helene Bonfort

New Researches on the Infra-Red Region of the Solar Spectrum

By Langley


By W. De W. Abney

How a Lens does its Work: A Lesson in Elementary Optics

By Clement J. Leaper

Implantation of Decalcified Teeth

By Oscar Amoedo

Treatment of Domestic Animals Poisoned by Eating Wild Plants

Lecture Apparatus for the Study of Conductivity

Bird's Eye Maple

By W. J. Beal


What is a Star Cluster ?

By A. C. Ranyard


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    October 13, 1894

    Confronting Common Wisdom